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器件名稱: APX9230
功能描述: 12V單相直流無刷風扇驅動器
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生產廠商: ANPEC
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簡  介:APX9230 Single-Phase Full-Wave Motor Driver Features Built-in Soft Start Function Built-in Adjustable PWM Soft Switching Function Built-in Variable Speed Curve Function Built-in Adjustable Lead Angle Function Built-in Current Limit Circuit Built-in Lock Protection and Auto Restart Function Built-In Quick Start Function FG / 1/2FG / RD (Rotation Speed Detection) Output Built-in Thermal Protection Circuit MID, SP1, MIN, SP2, PD and SW are Multi Function Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant) General Description The APX9230 is a single-phase full-wave motor driver for DC fan motors. It ’ s suitable for variable speed curve applications, and then It is suitable for cooler DC fan that needs silent drivers. In normal operation, the supply current is less than 9mA. The APX9230 is available in TSSOP16P package. Pin Configuration GND 1 OUT1 2 VCC 3 PWM 4 Exposed Pad (GND) 16 OUT2 15 MID 14 SP1 13 MIN 12 5VREG 11 SP2 10 PD 9 SW TSSOP-16P (Top View) Applications Brushless DC Fans Brushless DC Motors SO 5 SS 6 IN+ 7 IN- 8 Ordering and Marking Information APX9230 Assembly Material Handling Code Temperature Range Package Code Package Code R : TSSOP-16P Operating Ambient Temperature Range I : -40 to 105 ℃ Handling Code TR : Tape & Reel Assembly Material G : Halogen and Lead Free Device APX9230 R : APX9230 XXXXX XXXXX - Date Code Note: ANPEC lead-free products contain molding compounds/die attach materials and 100% matte tin plate termination finish; ……
器件名 功能描述 生產廠商
APX9230 12V單相直流無刷風扇驅動器 ANPEC
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