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器件名稱: E22M0110B500MN
功能描述: 1202 110mhz 500V
文件大小: 607.73KB    共3頁
生產廠商: ASI
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簡  介:BALANCED DUAL-LINE EMI FILTER OVERVIEW: Multilayer chip EMI Filter has balanced impedance for superior filtering of radiated and conducted common-mode EMC noise. Terminal arrangement allows multiple connection options of this low ESL component for single-ended (power bypass) noise reduction applications. PART NUMBER: E22M0110B500MN E22M Size 1210(3225) 0110 SRF 110 MHz B TC +/- 15% 500 Voltage 500 VDC M Cap. Tol ± 20% N Terminal Standard CHARACTERISTICS: Case Size SRF Inductance: Capacitance: Rated Voltage: Temperature Coefficient: Dissipation Factor: Insulation Resistance: Dielectric Strength: Capacitance Aging: Test Conditions: 1210 EIA (3225 Metric) 110MHz 56pH power bypass, 212pH dual-line EMI filter 10nF (x 2) 500 VDC ±15% (-55 to +125°C) ≤ 2.5% (0.025) IR> 500 ΩF or 10GΩ whichever is less Measurement at 25°C, WVDC, time is 2 minutes max. 1.5XWVDC1 , 25°C, 50mA max. ≤ 2.5%/decade hour 1kHz±50Hz; 1.0±0.2VRMS PHYSICAL SIZE: SIZE L W T EB CB WB IN .125±.010 .098±.010 .070max .018±.010 .045±.005 .006±.005 (mm) 3.175±.254 2.489±.254 1.778max .457±.254 1.143±.127 .152±.100 ENVIRONMENTAL Meets Rohs & Reach directives MSL Rating: 1 Page: 1 of 3 BALANCED DUAL-LINE EMI FILTER EMI FILTER INSERTION LOSS DUAL LINE CONNECTION* PWR BYPASS CONNECTION *EMC performance is a function both insertion loss and impedance matching / low noise-mode conversion. Connection graphics are representative, not all possible options are shown. PCB layout is critical for correct RF response. ……
器件名 功能描述 生產廠商
E22M0110B500MN 1202 110mhz 500V ASI
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