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器件名稱: SSDCI3128AF
功能描述: 展頻IC 3128 規格書
文件大小: 458.76KB    共3頁
生產廠商: ASI
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簡  介:Spectrum Device SSDCI3128AF Spread Spectrum Clock Generator Ultra Low Power Mobile EMI Reduction IC SSDCI3128AF ■ DESCRIPTION The SSDCI3128AF is a versatile 1x spread spectrum frequency modulator designed to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) clock and data source, allowing system wide reduction of EMI of down stream clock and data dependent signals. The SSDCI3128AF allows significant system cost savings by reducing the number of circuit board layers , ferrite beads, shielding and other passive components that are traditionally required to pass EMI regulations. The SSDCI3128AF family of mobile active EMI management ICs are unique in their design by elimiating the use of conventional PLLs. This allows operation on aperiodic as well periodic signals. The peak energy is distributed over a wider and controlled energy band thereby significantly lowering system EMI compared to the typical narrow band signal produced by oscillators and most frequency generators. Lowering EMI by increasing a signal’s bandwidth is known as “Spread Spectrum” or active EMI management. 3128 has an input frequency range of 1 MHZ to 40 MHz over a wide voltage range of 1.65V to 3.6V and generates a 1x spread spectrum coutput. The device can be placed in “power save mode” by setting the PDB pin to GND where in it draws typically 0.1uA and also stes the MODOUT pin to a High-Z state. The device has to “Spreading Range control pins” SS1 and SS0 to allow flexibility and optimization of both EMI compli……
器件名 功能描述 生產廠商
SSDCI3128AF 展頻IC 3128 規格書 ASI
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