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器件名稱: TLDCM5050-2-301TF
功能描述: 5*5 系列規格書
文件大小: 510.9KB    共3頁
生產廠商: ASI
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簡  介:TLDCM5050 SERIES DC COMMON MODE FILTER GENERALS This specification covers the engineering requirements for the TLDCM5050 Series (DC Common Mode Filter) FEATURES A chip-type common mode filter for large current applications. Noise is greatly suppressed. Height and size have been considered, resulting in a compact and light-weight choke coil. Applicable for the miniaturization required to reduce the size and weight of portable equipment. The products contain no lead and also support lead-free soldering. This product does not contain regulated substances that are slated to be included in RoHS. TEMPERATURE RANGES GES ES Operating Storage(After mount) ount) G PEHU 6 6\VWHP 3DUW 1XPEHU 科 TLDCM 5050 0 -2 -102 Y F External Dimensions (L×W) (mm) :5.0×5.0mm Impedance :102=1000 Tolerance:Y f Hazardous Substance Free Products : F 韜 Number of Lines : 2 略 Type:TLDCM 技 - 0R15 EM C方 –50 to +155°C –5 –50 to +155°C 案 ctronic onic device devic devices Used for power line noise suppression for any electronic elatively atively large larg elecUsed to counter adapter/battery line noise for relatively alone one word p tronic devices such as notebook PCs, stand-alone processors, etc 的 最 1/2 APPLICATIONS 佳 選 擇 TLDCM5050 SERIES ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Sunnycoil Part Name TLDCM 5050-2-191Y TLDCM 5050-2-351Y TLDCM 5050-2-102Y TLDCM 5050-2-152Y TLDCM5050-2-302Y TLDCM 5050-2-402Y /5HI L1L2 100kHz + Impedance*** = @ 100 MHz 190 ±……
器件名 功能描述 生產廠商
TLDCM5050-2-301TF 5*5 系列規格書 ASI
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